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Once upon a time, in the middle of a certain pandemic, just when most of the restaurant owners were contemplating going out of business, there were these two nice chaps who came to see us, having decided to launch the best sushi restaurant in town. They totally let us unleash our imagination so that we could prepare branding campaign for them, plus they contacted our good friends at @dż for the interior design – so we knew right from the start we were all up for some truly special cookin’!

We had long been no stranger to sushi at all having tried it in practically all the quarters of the world – so we knew we did not want to go generic and create just another, typical sushi place, with bonsai trees, cherry blossom, pagoda roofs, etc. Instead, we focused on a carefully chosen typography, legendary Japanese functionalism and Shinjuku neons to spice things up a bit. We never really intended to give NOTOSUSHI a classic logo; instead, we created a flexible visual identity system full of modern font styles and colours that would stand out and contrast with the minimal interior design of the place. The theme design for the brand was the Japanese “shi” syllable, which looks like a smiley. The claim we came up with, a #neversaynotosushi hashtag, was quickly picked up the customers, who just know you can hardly ever resist sushi when it’s NOTOSUSHI!


1/ preparation

  • analysis
  • consultations with the interior designers
  • visual identity and brand strategy

2/ brand design basics

  • the design of brand’s visual identity system
  • brand’s key visuals
  • brand claim
  • concept: mock-ups and templates
  • logo standardization

3/ content/material design

  • branding of the social media profiles
  • exterior identity / signage
  • menu, flyer and sticker design
  • illustrations and stills
  • printouts
Logo dla restauracji sushi
Branding restauracji
druk naklejek dla restauracji

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